History & Traditions

Envisioned by its founder as a school rich in music and art, close to the cultural advantages of New York City and embodying “progressive” educational ideas and methods, The Knox School was established in 1904 in Briarcliff Manor, New York by Mary Alice Knox. The School has thrived in four subsequent locations, survived a devastating fire, and changed its name from Miss Knox’s School for Girls to The Knox School.

Currently situated on Long Island’s North Shore, the beautiful and serene Knox campus rests on a small peninsula between Long Island Sound and Stony Brook Harbor, and offers expansive waterfront views. Although continually evolving, Knox maintains many long-standing traditions and is still influenced by the vision of its founder. Today, 这是一所男女同校的寄宿和走读学校,招收六年级到研究生的学生, where rigorous academics are combined with athletic and artistic pursuits to prepare young men and women to gain admission to leading colleges and universities.

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Unlocking Student Potential Since 1904

玛丽·爱丽丝·博彩网址大全于1851年出生在一个著名的神学家和传教士家庭. She taught history at Wellesley College from 1887-1895 and then served as principal of The Emma Willard School from 1897-1901 prior to founding her own school for girls in 1904. she developed much of the educational philosophy that influenced her 1911-1912 vision for her school for girls. Miss Knox had plans for a school rich in music and art, close to New York City, and embodying her work characterized at the Emma Willard School as progressive educational ideas and methods.

Unfortunately, her tenure at Knox was short-lived. One Saturday afternoon in 1911, 当时他正在大都会歌剧院与学生和教职员工一起观看日场演出, there was a train accident that killed several of her pupils. Though unharmed herself, the shock appeared to be too great for Mary Alice, and her passing followed soon thereafter. Her tragic loss threw the school into a state of shock; but fortunately, leadership was immediately assumed by Louise Phillips, whose brother, Frank Phillips, was one of the trustee-owners. A distant relative of the founders of Phillips Exeter Academy and an 1891 graduate of Smith College, Mrs. 霍顿自1905年丈夫去世后一直是一所私立学校的教师. 因此,她准备承担她作为校长的新角色的责任.

The fall of 1911 began a new era for Miss Knox’s School for girls that would thereafter be known simply as The Knox School. The new principal, Mrs. Houghton proved to be an able and dynamic leader. Towering in stature, influence and personality – she was reportedly described by an alumna many years later as “a cross between Queen Victoria and God!” Whereas Miss Knox was known for her warmth and understanding, Mrs. Houghton (who was a perceptive intellectual and linguist) presented herself as tudied elegance and dignity. In contrast, was the friendliness of her assistant Mary Louise Bancroft. Another important presence at Knox, Miss Bancroft joined the staff in 1911 and remained as Assistant Principal for thirty-seven years, until she also assumed the mantle of Principal. Together, these two remarkable women made an impressive team in shaping the direction of the School in the years to come.

Mrs. 霍顿掌舵的第一年面临的挑战比平时多. On a cold day in February, a student discovered smoke pouring into her bathroom (it was later learned that the fire has started in the furnace and traveled inside the walls). The drama teacher, who was in charge of the dining room that evening, ordered the students to collect what they could and vacate the building. In minutes, as they watched in disbelief, the flames spread and the School was reduced to ashes. Only essential records were saved, 还有一架大钢琴,从积雪覆盖的斜坡上滑下来,失去了琴腿. After the fire was extinguished, Mrs. Houghton gathered her girls together and tearfully told them that they should transfer to Miss Dow’s School. 女孩们无法接受这个想法,她们激动地异口同声地喊道:“不! We’ll have our school even if it is in a barn!不久之后,学校在纽约的奥西宁重新开放,位于凯恩地产的土地上. The main building was small and cramped, but the School survived and was ready for the next big event in its history – the move to a new location.

1912 – 1920

Knox took a bold leap of faith in 1912 and rented larger quarters for the forty-two girls enrolled that fall. The new campus, located in Brookside Park in Tarrytown, New York, was a sprawling physical plant (whose buildings bore the names of roses) with ample room for the School to grow, and grow it did for the next eight years. The world was reverberating under the impact of World War I, and although “Knoxies” were certainly involved in the war effort, the daily schedule took little notice of world conditions. 学生们每天要排三次队,等着老师领他们吃饭. Morning assembly was followed by classes at nine, a bread-and-milk snack at mid-morning, a chaperoned walk around the grounds, athletics, Senior Tea with Mrs. 霍顿,监督自习室,晚餐后唱歌,然后早早就寝.

Many long-standing traditions were established during this era. As early as 1912, Mrs. Houghton set up a competition between older girls called “roses” and younger girls called “buds.” By 1918, faculty had adopted the name of “thorns” and their residence was known as “Thorn Cottage.” A gym exhibition on March 4, 1916 was an early version of Gym Night. 然而,正是为了应对老女孩对新女孩的欺侮,奥巴马夫人才开始了这一行动. 霍顿在1918- 1919年将学校分为两队:玫瑰队和白队.

20世纪的第二个十年也见证了另一个博彩网址大全传统的诞生:年鉴, “Roseleaves”; the first school ring; a riding program, Christmas and Easter Vespers; a baby costume party; a Lower School that enrolled girls as young as eight; a song contest, and of particular importance, 由母校作曲,由黑兹尔·帕特森(Hazel Patterson)创作,由教职员工作曲, Pauline Bennet. But to many girls, it was the “Green Room” which held the greatest significance, since all important events took place there such as visits from John D. Rockefeller and former President William Howard Taft.

The second decade brought major changes to Knox as it did to the world after World War I came to an end. At its close, the graduating class of 1920 bid farewell to Knox as the School said goodbye to Brookside Park in Tarrytown and moved to a new home in Cooperstown, New York.


1920 – 1930

Opening day, October 4, 1920 found the 36 faculty and 158 girls of The Knox School in awe of the grandeur of the School’s new home on the shores of Lake Otsego in Cooperstown, New York. For the next thirty-four years, 每年的10月到5月,大坂酒店将是学院的家. Traditions were cherished in Cooperstown, while practices such as calisthenics in the open air at 7:30 a.m. were often a source of irritation for Knox girls. 然而,也有很多的乐趣和持续的优雅从夫人. Houghton “lordblessthisfoodtoouruseandustothy-serviceforChrist’ssakeamen” was a source of guaranteed giggles at evening meals.

In the fall of 1921, Bancroft小姐与Alexander Stewart Phinney的婚礼是一件值得庆祝的大事, a member of the Fenimore Cooper family. She was forty-one – short, chubby and pink cheeked – and he, a little gray-haired man who was fifteen years her senior. Over time, Mrs. Phinney emerged as a force in her own right and both she and Mrs. Houghton worked together to establish the Knox Athletic Association; a Christmas pageant in 1921; Winter Carnival in 1922; a Spanish Club and Scribblers in 1923; a French Club and the Senior Ship in 1925; and the Ring Ceremony in 1927. That year also brought a new face to the campus, a history teacher, Laura Wood, who would later follow in the footsteps of her mentors, Mrs. Houghton and Mrs. Phinney

1930 – 1954

The Great Depression and World War II had impacted the school, but the Principal and Assistant Principal met the challenges hurled upon them by the outside world. However an impressive list of world figures wrote to, spoke at, and performed at Knox, Eleanor Roosevelt being one of them. During this period, 300 Knox alumni were active in the war effort, students prepared for the Winter Carnival; performed in horse shows; enthusiastically sang class songs during the Lantern Parade; avidly competed in the yearly song contests that produced “Knox is Filled with Passing People”, 玛格丽特·亨德森于1927年创作,琳达·莫舍1944年创作的《博彩网址大全》. Senior Blazers were first worn in 1931 and were changed to white in 1943.

A gold and carnelian Senior Ring was adopted in 1933 and Rose (1945) and White (1947) Team Songs were made permanent. Suffering from failing health, Mrs. 1948年,霍顿以名誉校长的身份退休,将学校移交给霍顿夫人. Phinney (A.B. Smith, A.M. Columbia). Over the next six years, cessation of railroad service to Cooperstown and rising heating costs, 以及大坂酒店老板对学年的限制, caused the Bursar, Ethel Knipe, to convince Mrs. 菲尼和董事会为博彩网址大全学校寻找一个永久的校园. 他们搬到了长岛的尼塞古,这是1954年学院建校50周年的亮点.

1954 – 1971

The new campus was a sixty acre estate known as “Land of Clover” on Long Island’s prestigious North Shore. 这座有35个房间的乔治亚风格豪宅仿照威廉斯堡的韦斯特弗种植园, Virginia by the eminent architect, Archibald Brown was built from 1912-1918. The property includes a distinctive barn and riding facilities; access to horse riding trails and close proximity to New York City. In a curious twist of fate, Mrs. 霍顿的葬礼与1954年秋新校区的开幕日重合. 为了把这个庄园改造成教室、宿舍和健身房,他们做了很多工作. Phinney who was now 75 years old found her age to be no obstacle.

Although her influence continued for years to come, Mrs. Phinney was ready to retire in 1958, and Miss Laura Louise Wood (A.B. Wheaton, A.M. Radcliff), a teacher at Knox from 1927 through 1944, was given the task of overseeing construction and programs at Knox. Miss Wood’s list of accomplishments was impressive and included developing a riding program under the direction of Harry de Leyer, who allowed the girls to ride his famed horse Snowman; installation of campus lighting, paving the roads and adapting the Cottage and Terrace to dormitory use; construction of a new gymnasium (Bancroft-Phinney Hall in 1963) and a faculty house (Knipe Cottage, built by Mrs. Phinney in honor of Mrs. Knipe in 1966). Under Miss Wood’s watch, 博彩网址大全一直拥有霍顿-菲尼邮票,直到1969年劳拉·伍德退休.

The fifth principal of Knox was Miss M. Patricia Bayless (B.A. 他曾在新西兰和罗得西亚任教. Her approach differed from that of her predecessors, but she had great hopes for the future of Knox. 前所未有的事件,如越南战争和美国的社会动荡.S. made the atmosphere on many independent school campuses just as unsettled. Enrollment plummeted to an all-time low, and prospects for the School looked bleak as Miss Bayliss tendered her resignation effective June 30, 1971 with only seventeen pupils re-enrolled for the 1971-1972 school year.


1971 – 1975

The School’s survival was very much in question when the Board of Trustees pinned their hopes on a young man ready for the challenge in the spring of 1971. Clifford Kapps Eriksen (B.A. William and Mary, M.A.L.S. Wesleyan) became Knox’s first Headmaster. With more than twenty-five years of New England prep school experience, he along with his wife Elsa brought to Knox the qualities of energy, commitment and vision. Mr. Eriksen returned to the structure and traditions of Knox’s former years, expanded the academic program and restored traditions that had been discarded in the late sixties. In addition, the lower school was reactivated and recruitment extended to the four corners of the globe; but in September of 1973, the most dramatic step was taken, six boys were admitted to the School. When the School opened for its 75th year in 1978, 入学人数已增至140多名,男女人数相等. Special recognition was given to Miss Wood in the spring of 1978 on the occasion of her 50-year association with Knox, but Mrs. Phinney did not live to see the School fully recovered. Her passing at the age of ninety-five in 1975 brought an era to a close, and strangely enough, her funeral, like Mrs. Houghton’s twenty-one years earlier was on Opening Day.


1975 – 1994

A Diamond Jubilee Reunion was held on Cooperstown in May of 1975, and in the years that followed, the School entered a period of unprecedented growth. An exchange program with Bedstone College in Shropshire, England was established in 1982 and Knox reached its highest enrollment (180) on the Nissequogue campus. Full accreditation was granted to the School in 1983 by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, and the School’s first fully-funded scholarship was established in 1987 in memory of Allen Manfuso ’83. Equally important to the School’s growth were construction projects completed between 1979 and 1993: MacKenzie House (honoring Trustee Ian MacKenzie) in 1980, the Elaine and John Steinbeck Media Center (1980), an art studio (1982), music classrooms in Bancroft-Phinney Gymnasium (1983), two faculty houses (1984), expansions to Upper Dorm and Senior Cottage (1985), Miura Hall boy’s dormitory with adjoining faculty housing along with the completion and the dedication of the Wm. Turner Shoemaker Theater (a tribute to Knox’s longtime drama director, mathematics chair, and chaplain) in 1987.

In 1989, Lawrence Hall, a mathematics/sciences building honoring Trustee A. 布鲁斯特劳伦斯图书馆于1990年建成,琼·普林顿·麦金农图书馆翼楼完工. During the 1980’s numerous sports were added to the School’s athletic program and athletic facilities were expanded adding a baseball diamond (1980), four tennis courts (1985), and a new riding ring (1988).


1994 – 2004

The ten years leading up to the School’s centennial, represented a period of evaluation and evolution. 美术和表演艺术继续蓬勃发展,骑马项目设在菲比T. Phillips Equestrian Center remained strong and the School continued to take advantage of cultural offerings in New York City with frequent trips to the symphony, ballet, opera, Broadway theaters, museums and art galleries. When Clifford Eriksen stepped down in 2000, Assistant Headmaster Michael Esten was appointed Head of School.

During his tenure, Michael Esten (BA Boston University, MBA LIU/C.W. Post) oversaw vital changes in the School as it prepared to meet the demands of education in the 21st century. 他努力提高全体教员对专业发展必要性的认识, stepped up constituent outreach, initiated the School’s student advisor program, championed improvements in the academic curriculum, and created more distinction between grade levels. Upon Mr. Esten’s departure in 2002, F. 格雷厄姆·布朗被任命为临时校长,第二年又被任命为校长. He came to Knox out of retirement after sixteen years as Head of School at three different K-12 schools.

Mr. Brown immediately set upon a course to invigorate the school, working with the Board of Trustees to develop a strategic plan, “Preparing the Next Generation.” Central to this plan was a revised Mission, 宗旨、理念和核心价值观渗透到学校生活的各个方面. Under Mr. Brown, 六年级和更明确定义的初中和高中一起被增加, a summer camp was established, a Parents’ Association was begun and a major capital campaign to fund critical improvements and upgrades was launched.


2004 – 2014

In the fall of 2004, Mr. Brown announced his intention to re-retire. Shortly thereafter, David B. Stephens (B.S. Hobart College, M.S. Syracuse University) was appointed Head of School. When David Stephens began his work in the summer of 2005, he brought to Knox a strong background in independent school education and a love of School history and traditions. Dedicated to academic excellence, he worked with his administration to restructure the academic program. Under his guidance, 班克罗夫特菲尼大厅的下层进行了重大翻新,增加了更衣室, offices and classrooms, such as the E. Janice Zingale Music Room. Other facilities on campus received cosmetic improvements and a gallery was created in the Houghton Solarium to show the work of Knox students and visiting artists from the community. In 2008, Mr. Stephens left Knox and George K. Allison (A.B. Union College, M.A. Trinity College), who was Assistant Headmaster under Clifford Eriksen from 1976 –1985, returned as Headmaster, postponing the retirement he and his wife Lucy had planned after George’s twenty-three extremely successful years as Headmaster of Perkiomen School in Pennyslvania.

乔治·艾利森对博彩网址大全的爱从他回到校园的那一刻起就表露无遗. He immediately set to work improving facilities, 更新技术,在所有教室安装电脑和普罗米修斯活动板. He re-energized the Offices of Admissions, 发展和校友事务,并加强了摇摇欲坠的家长协会, holding regular meetings in his home. Also through his initiative, 国家荣誉协会“永恒与光明”分会在博彩网址大全成立. George Allison’s involvement in the local community, his standing in the independent school profession, and his participation in various conferences around the world helped to raise awareness of Knox. In addition, his outreach to alumni, parents and friends supported the Knipe Cottage expansion to provide additional student and faculty housing.  Under his direction, the School submitted a request for approval from the town and village for the building of a seventy-foot “catwalk” into Stony Brook Harbor to support the camp program and Knox Crew. As long-time Board members transitioned off of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Allison filled these vacancies with alumni of the School. In accepting the position of Headmaster, George Allison’s goal was to “right the Good Ship Knox”, preserving the best of the past and guiding the School toward its considerable potential in the second decade of the 21st Century. 在带领博彩网址大全“永远走向光明”的过程中,他在各个领域都取得了显著的进步.”

乔治·艾利森退休后,萨德·盖伯林成为博彩网址大全学校的新校长. An Army officer, Mr. Gaebelein had taught military history at West Point and served as Director of Ethics and Character Development at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. 在加入博彩网址大全之前,他还曾担任石溪学校的前任校长. 在他的指导下,为纪念克利福德·埃里克森,修建了埃里克森大厅. The school was also involved in engaging projects such as building a greenhouse and being a part of charity work in the community.

2014 – Present

In 2014, former Knox science teacher and Director of the Summer Adventures program, Kristen Tillona-Baker, returned to Knox’s home beside the shore to assume a new role as Head of School.  Under her leadership, Knox grew exponentially in every important dimension as an independent school. She restructured and rebuilt the School’s administrative team, establishing a strong leadership culture. During her first year as Head, Mrs. Tillona-Baker outlined “Vision 2020” which became a blueprint for her work over the next seven years.  Guided by this strategic plan, 她带头进行了一些改进,比如增加了一个最先进的STEM实验室, a fully equipped computer lab, and the revitalization of the Equestrian Program.  During this time, 体育项目的显著发展使博彩网址大全成为一所有竞争力的学校, equestrian, basketball, and soccer.  More recently, Mrs. Tillona-Baker and her administrative team successfully led the School through the unprecedented and challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, and her insightful leadership gave the staff the confidence they needed to continue to educate Knox students while navigating uncharted territory.  After seven years of overseeing Knox’s growth and expansion, while commuting between her school home on the Knox campus and her family’s home in Massachusetts, Mrs. Tillona-Baker decided it was time to step back from her position as Head of School and pursue non-profit work closer to her hometown.  Long-time Assistant Head of School, Virginia Riccardi, was named the new Head of School in 2021.

Mrs. Riccardi has a long history in education and with the School. She holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University’s Teachers College, 她是卡内基梅隆大学教育项目的一名学生.  She taught middle school in the Freeport Public School District and was an account executive for an educational communications firm before joining the Knox team. 她于2011年在博彩网址大全学校开始了她的职业生涯,担任发展助理主任. In her first year, she exceeded the School’s annual fundraising goal and re-established relationships with independent school recruiters and agencies that had been inactive for years. During her second year at Knox, Mrs. Riccardi added Chair of the English Department to her job title. She built rigor and relevance into the curriculum, which improved student achievement on college entrance exams and continues to provide the skills necessary for students to meet the demands of college writing.  As Assistant Head of School, Mrs. 里卡尔迪高度参与了学校成功的日常运作, traveled overseas for admissions and recruitment, 并引入了学院首次大学学分课程的双招生. Her strong academic foundation and commitment to leadership growth has built a staff culture that includes loyalty to the School and its mission.